Managed nerds

Making IT Work for Your Business

We don’t just provide tech support; we implement the technology your business needs to expand and thrive.

What We Do

Plan for future growth of your business

Provide clear up-front cost estimates

Reduce your spend on redundant services

Include cybersecurity by default in all plans

Support even the smallest businesses with flexible pricing

Elevate micro-businesses above the cybersecurity poverty line

What Other Managed Services Providers Do

Only fix today’s problems

Nickle and dime you for everything

Find ways to make you spend more $$

Include cybersecurity as an add-on package

Require a minimum spend, so that micro-businesses don’t qualify

Keeping Small Businesses Secure

Just like you turn on the security system and lock the door of your business, you need security measures to protect your digital assets. We provide 24/7 cybersecurity protection, keeping your computers and your email secure from hackers.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

When a business leverages technology to work for them, they see an increase in productivity and revenue.

Marketing Funnel Automation

IT Spend Consolidation

Email Deliverability Audit

Business Listing Assistance

How We Help Businesses Thrive

Business Tech Support

We can augment your internal IT team or serve as your dedicated outsourced IT department, ensuring your technology runs smoothly.

Cybersecurity Compliance

We can work with an external auditor to ensure your IT environments are properly configured to meet industry standards such as SOC2, PCI DSS, or CMMC v2.0 Level 1.

Sales Pipeline Automation

Tired of missing out on leads? Let us build your marketing to sales machine so that you can sit back and watch those leads flow in.

Long-Term IT Planning

We’re able to act as your virtual CISO, helping your business plan ahead when designing a security and technology strategy.

Technology Resell Partner

We partner with Microsoft and other cloud services companies to provide your business affordable solutions. We don’t just sell it – we are able to provide first-line support for all products we resell.

Cybersecurity Protection

In today’s digital world, every business needs protection to prevent financial losses. Our 24/7 protection keeps you covered and the cost won’t break the bank.


Security isn’t just an afterthought for us, it’s our first consideration in our decisions – from the software we use and recommend, to what services we offer. We span the spectrum as needed from basic protection all the way to red team penetration testing.

U.S. Small Business Administration Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Icon

Veteran Owned and Operated

We are a service-disabled veteran woman-owned business. Our employees have previously worked in Cybersecurity and technology positions for the U.S. government, including U.S. Army Cyber Command and the National Security Agency.

Helping New Businesses Succeed

We believe every business, no matter the size, deserves someone who will advocate for their digital safety and growth. Our specialty is helping newer businesses get off the ground with a strong technology foundation.


“Managed Nerds helped me resolve a difficult issue with saving insurance forms on my work computer that Apple support was not able to fix. The problem was causing me to have to manually print out every form as a work around and was making my work much more tedious than it should have been. (For reference, I had communicated with Apple over the course of about 3 days and Managed Nerds was able to solve my problem within an hour and even helped me create new/updated files). I’m so thankful to know that Managed Nerds is just a phone call away and can easily solve any tech issues I may have in a timely manner!”

Stonebridge Insurance – Evans, GA


“We ran into an email configuration problem that resulted in our lead forms from our website not making it to our business. This meant we were missing requests for quotes that could have led to sales. Managed Nerds helped us resolve the problem when our webmaster was not able to figure it out, and now we’re getting all our customer leads again.”

Titan Concrete Coatings – Grovetown, GA

When the previous company set up our new PC, they didn’t install the print drivers and instead left us with a complex process printed out that caused us to take several minutes to scan a single document. The whole process was too time-consuming. Managed Nerds knew exactly how to fix this issue. Managed Nerds identified several technology services we were overpaying for and/or didn’t need anymore. That saved us more than $55 a month, which really adds up over time. We highly recommend Managed Nerds to any business, especially small businesses.”

Law Office of Catherine  V. Ryan – Augusta, GA

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