About Us

We elevate micro-businesses above the Cybersecurity poverty line through our technology solutions that keep businesses safe while increasing their profitability.

Our Core Values


Listen compassionately first – then look for a solution


Build and share expertise to enrich the whole organization

Protecting Small Businesses

In 2021, the cost of cybercrime against the small business community reached a staggering 2.4 billion dollars, and this figure continues to climb. Over 40% of the businesses falling victim to the perils of ransomware are small businesses below 100 employees. It’s a dire situation, but one that Managed Nerds is determined to change. 

At Managed Nerds, we recognize the pressing need for accessible and affordable cybersecurity protection tailored to the unique challenges faced by small businesses. We understand that small businesses often lack the budget to hire in-house cybersecurity experts, and that most managed IT service providers (MSPs) focus on businesses larger than 20 employees, leaving smaller enterprises underserved. We firmly believe that it’s time to bridge this cybersecurity gap. 

Our mission is simple: to support small businesses, particularly those with 10 employees or fewer, by offering comprehensive IT support and cybersecurity services. Our team of highly skilled and certified professionals will be trusted technology partners, working alongside small businesses to enhance their business operations.   

Our Founders

Sharon Martin

Matthew Chapman

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